Poptropica Universe Sneak Peek!

Edit: The first episode is here now! Take a look at it! 😀

Hey, hey, HEY! No peeking! -_- This is classified stuff! -_-

I’m just joking! 😀 The Poptropica Universe Sneak Peek is ready for you to read!

We didn’t want to spoil anything, so we blanked out all of the characters’ names. If you want, you can guess in the comments below who goes in each blank, but we’re not going to tell you if you’re right or not!

Anyway, Fearless Fox and I have been planning out the story line. We picked this little passage to write because of all of the action in it.

Well, here is the sneak peek! Hope you enjoy!

More guards appeared.

“Why do we have to fight so much? Why? What did we ever do?” ____ said exasperatedly.

“Because they’re evil, that’s why!” ____ screamed. ___ threw a vial at them, which shattered into broken glass. The broken glass went everywhere, and the guards screamed in pain. I can tell you, it was not a pretty sight.

While the guards were distracted, ____ ran up to them and used ___ weapon. ____ probably took out around twenty guards in a minute or two.

We continued on, when all of a sudden,  ____ stopped. ____ could see the silhouettes of _____ and ____ in the distance.

“There they are!” ____ whispered. “They’re right down the passage! Do you think they see us?” ___ turned around and saw ____ behind ____. ___ face was red with rage.

“I’ll take care of them,” ____ said and pushed _____ aside.

“Hey there!” ____ screamed, enraged. “Bloodthirsty, powerhungry, manipulative, evil, demons: have at me!” ____ ran at them, holding ____ weapon high above ___ head. Right before ____ was about to strike a blow, ____ grabbed ____ by the neck and threw ____ to the ground.

“Oh, that was too easy,” ____ said. “Our company may be evil, but your company is pathetically weak. You have no hope, no chance, of beating us.”

“____! ____! Where are they!? You might have them, but I’ll have one thing: I will have my revenge!” On the word “revenge,” ____ jumped up and attacked, only to be kicked back onto the ground by ____.

“No,____,” ____ said. “You won’t have your revenge. You’re pathetic because you have no hate. You are worthless because you use the useless power of good. Good is worthless – it provides no emotion. Being evil however, that is very different. If you’re evil, you know that you hate everything and everyone good and that hate drives you to do what you do.”

“Stop,” ___ sobbed. “Please, stop.”

“Ah! Another point. Good brings about no emotional defense. If you’re good, you’re a crybaby because you can’t stand anything. But anyway, that’s besides the point. You asked about ___ and ____. Well, there’s not much to tell. You killed them.”

“WHAT?!” ___ screamed.

“Yes,” replied ____. You should know that electricity and water don’t mix. They died, and you killed them.

“No…” ____ replied. “Those were robots. Those were fake.”

“I’ve figured out how to turn people into machine,” ____ said, “with a little help from the Binary Bard, who I met long ago. The ____ you knew and the ____ you knew were the same as the cyborgs you knew.”

“But they obeyed you…” ____ replied weakly.

“Because you can program machines,” ____ replied, “and we programmed them to try to lure you guys in. And it worked. After all, ____ convinced ____.

“But they were nice. ____ never attacked you, only when you attacked ____ did ____ retaliate. But I’m not as nice. So I’m giving you only two choices: join or die.”

“WHAT ABOUT ‘FIGHT’?!” screamed ____ as ____ sprang up. ____ was about to get a hit on ____ when ____ came flying out of nowhere. ____ punched ____ and ____ flew across the room and smashed through the temple ceiling. ____ landed outside.

“ ____ is probably dead,” shouted ____. “Does anyone else want to fight us, and in the process, join ____?”

Ooh, so exciting! Does ____ die? Is ____ able to defeat ____? What happened to ____ and ____? Only time will tell! 🙂

~Tough Spider


About Tough Spider

I am a very political 15-year-old boy who likes poptropica, pokemon, DDR (if you know what that is), reading, playing my violin, and playing on my 3DS xL!

74 thoughts on “Poptropica Universe Sneak Peek!

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  3. FF, how soon is it until the 1st episode is posted? And is it going to be like a movie sort of thing, or a comic?

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    • Do you mean my signature? 😀
      No, I see what you mean. I did that on purpose. Binary Bard is a minor character, it doesn’t spoil anything. In fact, I think that’s the only time his name is even mentioned in the story.

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