Poptropica Universe Trailer

What do you think?

You can watch it here if you’re using a mobile device:


For your desktop, you can watch it here:

53 thoughts on “Poptropica Universe Trailer

  1. SC, it’s YOU. Here’s proof.

    Fearless Owl:
    Here it is: a hybrid of Sticky Clown and Perfect Dolphin!
    (Apologies for the double post.)


    Lecture me:This is an insult,my ‘hybrid part’ was only based on a Clown Outfit,not on my current outfit,a previous outfit,a closet outfit,or a gravatar outfit! An insult,that is! That is just as bad as calling me ‘Stinky’ Clown! If this wins,I’ll-remake this outfit,now,out,out! (JK)

    Normal me:Please remake this outfit,as I am sure this won’t qualify as you only ‘judged’ my outfit on the ‘Clown’ part of my name. Names don’t tell you everything,you know.

    Spotted Dragon:

    @SC – The outfit is fine! I like it! Some people have made my parts dragon and not my costume on the ATP’s contest. So it’s fine!

    @FO – I like your costume! Good work! 😀

    Fearless Owl :

    @SC: “Make a hybrid (mix) of any two authors. It can be their noun part of their name or their Gravatar outfit.”
    I simply decided to go with the noun part of your name.
    @SD: Thank you!


    I like yours too Fearless Owl! I told you it would be funny! 😉

    Silver Wolf:

    @ Fearless Owl: It’s an awesome costume! Good job.
    @ SC: I did say that you could do the noun part of their name, so it’s not an insult. The word, “Clown” is a part of your name. 😉 P.S. Could you just reply, please? I like to get emails for comments. (I can’t get an email if you edit it). 🙂

    SC: I have now officially changed my name to Strange Cat and I shall always talk in bold in my blogs for the rest of my life.And as for

    Fearless Owl:

    Thank you, Silver Wolf and Cool Smarticle!

    Silver Wolf:

    You’re welcome. 🙂


    You welcome too! 🙂

    Dude, it’s still on the 1 More post.

    (@ SW – Sorry for the long comment again. I hope you won’t mind.)

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