Poptropica Universe: Role time!

No… It’s not story time… It’s role time!

• Cool Smarticle
Protagonist, main character, and wants to get everything done in 2 seconds. Impatient but loving, she wields the Legendary Sword when they go there…

• Tough Spider
Sidekick. Uses a boomerang to defeat his enemies. A bit too laid back.

• Silver Wolf
Second side kick, part of the group. Uses a bow and arrow to defeat her enemies.

• Fearless Fox
Part of the group, sleek ninja, and
uses nun-chuks to defeat his enemies

• Incredible Carrot (Nintendo friend)
Hyperactive villain who plans to go to Super Power Island and get radiated so she can have super powers.

• Spotted Dragon
Scientist of the group. She is very serious sometimes, but funny too.

• Samwow5
Likes to tag along near Lady Smarticle.

• Slippery Icicle
Damsel in distress. Gets kidnapped.

• Fearless Owl
Infamous villain, Fearless Fox’s arch enemy and cousin (not in real life). She plans to uncover the Binary Code, and destroy Poptropica.

• Magic Star
Fairy who guides Lady Smarticle sometimes.

• Cheat Dude
Soda Pop Shop owner.

• Sticky Clown
The guy who stitches their clothes, and is the clever servant.

That’s all… I think… Anyways, everyone send in your Poptropican’s outfit at poptropicatip@gmail.com!

-FF~…………..~ See ya (^-^)


229 thoughts on “Poptropica Universe: Role time!

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  2. CAN MY SAYING BE: I WANT YOU GUYS TO WORSHIP ME, NEW KOOPA MEMBER OF BOWSER?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dude, you let Kitty slide but not me? Could he be in love with someone else? Also, there ISN’T ANY dating is there?

  4. FF, is the story going to be like a comic, a short story, or a book? And how long is it going to be?

  5. Okay, okay, I’m good with being a serious/funny scientist. But whenever someone doesn’t listen to me I get SUPER serious and kinda creepy. Then when they say sorry I laugh and say “It’s cool, no big deal!” :mrgreen: 😈
    (BTW: I’ll email you a pic of my Poptropican)

  6. I’m cool with that. Do you know my user if not it is riley208730 so you can keep updated on my costume.

  7. Dude, I said NO LOVEY DOVEY STUFF!!!!!!!!!
    I swear if I see anything lovey dovey, holding hands, kissing hugging, etc, I’m going to be REALLY mad. SAM!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Nintendo Friend is a girl.

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