Let the Contest…Host it’s Final Challenge!

Right now, the previous winner was Fearless Fox, who guessed that the photo was Bakery Story by Teamlava. (See the hint now?)

Epic music please! *mixture of music used in SVI and Legendary Swords trailers play*

Now, it is time for the final challenge. The previous winners, Spotted Dragon, Slippery Icicle, and Fearless Fox are going to take on the hardest challenge yet. And, only one of them will get…the ultimate costume, won in Fuzzy-B’s 100,000 hits contest! No one has ever guessed this picture, ever! *murmurs appear in audience* So, get ready for the hardest challenge yet-COMING SOON! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!


15 minutes later:

I’m back!

Audience Member: I thought that you said that the picture was coming soon!

Me: Isn’t this soon enough?


Anyway, after a long comment (with FF, CS, and NF interrupting, NF and FF still interrupting),I managed to get back here. Now, you may think that I’m going to put the picture now, but no. I just came to say that I’ll post the picture ONLY when all the 3 champions are there, to make it fair. Oh, and I myself also have to be there to post it.

Same Audience Member: No Fair!

Me: I just said it is.


Anyways, see you later!

-SC (Meow)


About Starving Cereal (SC)

Hi,I'm SC. This is the 100% official SC account. All other SC accounts are fake and aren't recognised by the official SC corp. My posts are real,and they are infinitely amazing. My friends are great, and my enemies irate. I also have a blog down below. Click on it if you'd like.

125 thoughts on “Let the Contest…Host it’s Final Challenge!

  1. Guys, I don’t think this is going to work out. You guys all live in completely different parts of the world. When it’s noon where one of you lives, it’s midnight where the other lives.
    So, if everyone goes on at the following time in their local time zone, then it should work out. Don’t blame me if I did this wrong!
    Fearless Fox: 10 pm. Yeah, I know it’s late. 😦
    Slippery Icicle: Uh… I really don’t know where you live. But assuming you live in the U.S, 10 am if you live in eastern time, 9am central, 8 am mountain, 7 am pacific. Yeah, I know it’s early. 😦
    Spotted Dragon: 10 am.
    Sticky Clown: 7 pm.
    I think this will work. At least, I hope. Anyway, I don’t think this is going to happen in 4 hours, so you should probably schedule it for tomorrow, or sometime after that.

      • I can’t do that time. Sadly, I still have school. Last day is next Monday! 😡
        TS: LUCKY! I don’t get out ’till the monday after the monday after next! 😡

      • Than you should fix the authors page. It still says Sticky Clown…… unless you are Sticky Clown.

      • @ SC – Here’s proof.

        Fearless Owl:
        Here it is: a hybrid of Sticky Clown and Perfect Dolphin!
        (Apologies for the double post.)


        Lecture me:This is an insult,my ‘hybrid part’ was only based on a Clown Outfit,not on my current outfit,a previous outfit,a closet outfit,or a gravatar outfit! An insult,that is! That is just as bad as calling me ‘Stinky’ Clown! If this wins,I’ll-remake this outfit,now,out,out! (JK)

        Normal me:Please remake this outfit,as I am sure this won’t qualify as you only ‘judged’ my outfit on the ‘Clown’ part of my name. Names don’t tell you everything,you know.

        Spotted Dragon:

        @SC – The outfit is fine! I like it! Some people have made my parts dragon and not my costume on the ATP’s contest. So it’s fine!

        @FO – I like your costume! Good work! 😀

        Fearless Owl :

        @SC: “Make a hybrid (mix) of any two authors. It can be their noun part of their name or their Gravatar outfit.”
        I simply decided to go with the noun part of your name.
        @SD: Thank you!


        I like yours too Fearless Owl! I told you it would be funny! 😉

        Silver Wolf:

        @ Fearless Owl: It’s an awesome costume! Good job.
        @ SC: I did say that you could do the noun part of their name, so it’s not an insult. The word, “Clown” is a part of your name. 😉 P.S. Could you just reply, please? I like to get emails for comments. (I can’t get an email if you edit it). 🙂

        SC: I have now officially changed my name to Strange Cat and I shall always talk in bold in my blogs for the rest of my life.And as for

        Fearless Owl:

        Thank you, Silver Wolf and Cool Smarticle!

        Silver Wolf:

        You’re welcome. 🙂


        You welcome too! 🙂

        Dude, it’s still on the 1 More post.

        (@ SW – Sorry for the long comment. I hope you won’t mind.)

      • @ SW – Okay, just making sure. That’s why he was talking in bold……… ❓ Maybe not…… ❓

        Did you delete the other comment by any chance? 😳
        Sorry. Yeah, thanks for deleting that one. That one was a little too far. 😳

      • Yes, I did delete it. It’s fine, just try not to take it that far in the future. 😉
        P.S. @ SC – I have officially named you on the “About the Authors” page as Strange Cat.

    • Or everyone could go on one hour earlier, if that works better for everyone. Or one hour later, if that works better. Or two hours later. As long as EVERYONE changes their time accordingly, it’ll work.

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