Poptropica Shop

Announcing the Poptropica Shop!

We’ve made some cool Poptropica stuff before, but nothing has ever been as big as this. Now, you can get Poptropica gear personalized with your very own avatar at the all-new Poptropica Shop! Simply visit the Poptropica Shop, type in your username, and you’ll be taken to a selection of awesome shirts emblazoned with your Poptropican’s display name and unique look. With these shirts, no one else will have quite the same style as you do — just like on Poptropica! The Poptropica Shop also has links to the Poptropica games, books, and toys that you love — and we’ll be adding more soon! So don’t wait.Check out the Poptropica Shop today!

avatar image

Cool! You can even make your own t-shirt with your Poptropican on it! So, if you want your own personal Poptropican on a t-shirt, visit it now! 🙂 Whoa. I sound like the Creators…. 😯

About Silver Wolf

Hiya, I'm Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. I love animals, books, playing video games (Overwatch, Life is Strange, Undertale, & Elder Scrolls), crocheting, and Poptropica. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island, and my favorite villains are Black Widow and Binary Bard.

Time to talk with other Poptropicans, Poptropican! :)

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