Haha! I was Wrong! :-)

Good news! I was wrong! Because of my cancer, I’ll be able to post more often, maybe. Anyhoo, I’ll be posting a lot about random stuff. My first one will be about an idea I am proposing (no, I’m not gonna marry anybody; for now at least… muahaha lol). I know a lot of you are probably feeling sorry for me. I’m not the biggest fan of sympathy. I’ll accept it, I just don’t like too much of it. So, howsaboutsa we have a celebration right here on this blog? Not celebrating my cancer, but celebrating my strong will to live and the fact that I ever lived at all. I was a premature baby, so I just barely lived when I was born. Bless those doctors’ hearts. Plus, my mom was told she could never have kids. And yet, she’s had a lot of em. Three of them died two years ago, though… they were all in their teenage years…. so now its just me and my younger brother. If Wolfy approves of the celebration, we’ll have it. I want PD to design the header; she’s good at that…. I’ll see who else does other stuff. POWER TO DA PREEMEES!!! (Did I spell that right???)


About Shy Singer

I am shy and I go on Poptropica, and sometimes I yell at my keyboard. Don't judge me! I am a boy, though.

13 thoughts on “Haha! I was Wrong! :-)

    • Thanks. People have trouble believing me when I tell them I’m a preemee. But then they see the scars from when they used my feet as q pincushion for blood tests and IVs. -_- lol

      • Sticky, Double F Diner, (ooh I like that. People say I have a gift for nicknaming people muahaha) idk what people are gonna do yet.

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