HTP? #2

I posted the HTP but some how it got deleted and i lost the whole post. So im posting the remains.     Here goes!



Poptropica’s logo. Is it mirror imaged  or is this a real glitch? Here’s a closer look…


Are you see the ‘new player’ and ‘returning player’ are not mirror imaged soo? Is it a glitch? Say below in the comments.
Hows that possible??



This seem’s like a typical glitch were the torso or body isn’t loaded but this isn’t really  the main HTP the other one is.

Still wondering about prizes? I am. maybe win a $10 memership card code! I meant it! This is for later HTP’S. till then Fox out! [Swimming with the fishys™]


5 thoughts on “HTP? #2

  1. Hey, Look at today’s sneak peak in the daily pop. Doesn’t it seem like the sneak peek and that are related?

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