Flower Power, and One Week Until Back Lot Island Opens to Everyone!

Ugh, MS here with that awful title. Sorry, I used up all my creativity working on one of my stories 😦

Ha ha, I feel kind of guilty, I did say I’d be back, but I haven’t posted in a while.

Anyway, not to worry! There’s two new updates over on the Creators’ Blog I thought I’d share with you all 😀

The first: spring is in the air!

I know, I know, that sounded terrible.

“Springtime couldn’t come soon enough, but it still seems like the season’s dragging. So why not pick up the “Flower Power!” Gold Card in the Poptropica Store, and spread some springtime cheer of your own?

This card is a combination costume and power. You can dress the part, or simply walk around Poptropica planting flowers that will blossom and bring a little cheer to everyone’s day.”

Actually, it would make a good weapon, too. With all that pollen hanging around you, you could use your new sneeze power to distract Poptropicans.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist typing like that. Moving on, let’s hear what Captain Crawfish has to say:

“The summer movie season is nearly upon us, but the biggest blockbuster of all isn’t at your local theater. It’s on your computer! Back Lot Island will be available to everyone in one short week.

If you can’t wait that long, Back Lot Island is available right now for Poptropica Members, who also get an array of exclusive Back Lot Island-themed stuff from the Poptropica Store. And don’t forget, the Back Lot Island Director’s costume will only be in the store for another week.

Become a Member today and get the full Back Lot Island experience!”

I disagree! Catching Fire is the biggest blockbuster of them all! Although I suppose it’s kind of a tie, since the movie is such a long way away, and I’m excited for BLI to be out.

Is anyone else confused as to why they posted this? ^^^^^ CC just told us that there wasn’t long until the island is released, then went straight to advertising Membership, like that was long time…


Anyway, I’m very excited for BLI! 😀 I may have to update my top ten islands of Poptropica list, it looks quite good.








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