Dr. Hare’s Revenge Coming Soon!

Okay, I can give you the first line:

“Hero: Okay, Dr. Hare, where are you? 😡 Dr. Hare: Oh, you will never find me! Mauhaha!!! (Wink to the workers 😉 ) Hero: This is just too easy. 🙄 Ah Ha! Hmm… I Know Where He Is!

More Coming Soon!

The Poptropicans




About why the fuck did i make this

Hey everyone! I love Poptropica. My username is riley208730. I own two youtube channels The Poptropica Movies And GlitchCheatsPop I also own www.happylightingspoptropica.wordpress.com . (Copy the link to view my blog.) I like The PHB too. I like hanging with Eddie, Cool Octopus, Fast Melon Poptropica Girl, Sliver Wolf, Spotted Dragon, Clean Shark, Alfie Fong, Cool Smarticle, Giant Rock, Speedy Jake, Evil Teams, StaraptorXD, Perfect Dolphin, Magic Star, Brave Tomato, Shy Singer, Sticky Clown and Tough Spider. My favorite island is Early Poptropica its not hard but easy! I also play Club Penguin my penguin name is Hynsonrj Thanks

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