The Charming Kirk Strayer!

Hey guys! There’s a new ad in Poptropica! Although it’s not your normal ad. This one is for Back Lot Island. It’s pretty much a photo booth that allows you to take a picture with the recently famous actor… Kirk Strayer! *All the girls faint* Sheesh! He’s not that big a deal!

Audience Member: Come on SD! We know you totally want to get up and dance about him! How haven’t you fainted?!?

SD: What the?!? Who said that! You guys should know me better! I’m not girly! 😡

Audience Member: Yeah? Why you getting so mad then?

SD: Because you should know me better.

Audience Member: Oh yeah? *Gets cut off*

SD: Security!

Okay then. Now that that’s out of the way, back to the ad. *Clears throat* The cool thing about this ad is that you actually get to keep the photo you took in your album!

poptropica photo Wow! A Photo With Kirk Stayer!

See? Time well spent! 😆  Although the photo is listed as a Night Watch Island photo for me. It should’ve said Back Lot Island or AD. Weird… 😕



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