Hello and Goodbye

And thus,I leave.

Please forgive me for this,as I had no choice.

Really? You want me to explain why I am leaving?

I would love to tell you,my friends,but it is very personal.

Like life itself,I have to come and go.

For myself only am I leaving. T’was a hard decision,that was.

Only the best could have blogged this well,and I mean all the staff.

Only the best could have had such humour,and I mean myself.

Love you all,and I may never comment here again.

Signed,Sticky Clown,all the best.

P.S.I left a clue here why I leave,and I hope you are bold enough to find it.


About Starving Cereal (SC)

Hi,I'm SC. This is the 100% official SC account. All other SC accounts are fake and aren't recognised by the official SC corp. My posts are real,and they are infinitely amazing. My friends are great, and my enemies irate. I also have a blog down below. Click on it if you'd like.

64 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye

  1. …..I’m glad I did this first.

    Everyone thinks this is just a joke.

    But it’s more than that.

    It is a test.

    To be Honest,it showed the truth days ago.

    And,one last thing-

    Don’t bother doing the same thing for this.

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