The Poptropica Press — Issue Five — March 28, 2013

——–The Poptropica Press——–

Headline News: I am Taking Sticky Clown Up on His Offer!

I apologize that I haven’t had another issue lately. I have been pretty busy lately, with a lot of different things. One thing, however, was trying to figure out how to take Sticky up on his offer, which was, if you look back to the first issue, he states this in a comment, “I really think you should make this longer.” Well, I have now decided to actually make this longer… a LOT longer. The first thing I am adding is PD’s LOL of the Day (which has now been changed to LOL of Whenever the Hare the Next Newspaper Comes Out *Don’t take this literally*)! This will be by PD, and it will be featured for the first time in this issue. Also, I will be adding many more things, listed here:

  • Trivia, the answers will be on the following issue.
  • An ad featuring another blog, requested to me or PD at or
  • Β A different glitch every issue (hopefully. *There might be some repeats.*)
  • An original costume.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “How on Earth will PD and Double S be able to maintain all that on their own?!” We won’t be able to. That’s why we are going to have a MAJOR staff upgrade. I’m not going to just point at somebody and demand that they help me. I’m going to have a contest. A contest for each of the things listed above. Listed below, are things required for each contest.

  • Trivia: I will need to know how much you know about Poptropica history. This can be done in an essay in a comment, timeline emailed to me, etc.
  • Glitch: For this, we have two options, because the first may be too hard. #1: Find/create a glitch never found or thought of before. #2: List all the glitches you know in a comment below.
  • Costume: Create an original costume that came fromΒ YOUR MIND!

Now, we also have some rules.

  • Use what came from YOUR MIND and ONLY your mind!
  • You may only try out for one of the new options.
  • ALWAYS follow original website rules.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say.

-Shy Singer


This classic flavor bubble gum is bursting with flavor! Get it now, absolutely FREE!

This classic flavor bubble gum is bursting with flavor! Get it now, absolutely FREE!

LOL of The News

FINALLY! Poptropica has realized my true self! On the computer! All day, every day! Maybe they're psychic... or stalkers...

FINALLY! Poptropica has realized my true self! On the computer! All day, every day! Maybe they’re psychic… or stalkers…



About Shy Singer

I am shy and I go on Poptropica, and sometimes I yell at my keyboard. Don't judge me! I am a boy, though.

8 thoughts on “The Poptropica Press — Issue Five — March 28, 2013

  1. Trivia: (Okay everybody, get ready for a really long comment! πŸ˜€ )

    (I don’t have school today, that’s why I’m posting now.)

    2007 : The Beta version of Poptropica comes out in September with the only island being Early Poptropica. In honor of New Year’s, Shark Tooth is released in late December. The island did not have the carbonated coconut milk and beating it was only possible by beating a Yogos/Fruit Loops ad (I forget which one). The player would obtain a propeller beanie. The player was not allowed to put on the beanie at Booga Bay, but if the player already had it on, the game allowed him/her to keep it on, letting the player sail over the shark. This glitch was fixed and the carbonated coconut milk was added a few months later.

    2008 : A big year for poptropica! Time Tangled Island, formerly called Time Twisted Island, but I really don’t think it was ever called Time Lapse island, was released in May. It was a huge hit. At this point, Monster Carnival could be seen on the map, labeled “Coming Soon!” No one knew anything about it, and one day, it changed to 24 Carrot.

    (More soon! Keep your eye open for updates!)

  2. Costumes: I make costumes for fun very often and I would be happy to make costumes along with SD. I’ve made some costumes already that you can look at on the “Costume Closet” page. In fact, I love newspapers, too. I started the first newspaper at my old school with my friend. Many people looked at it and enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  3. I have a couple questions first.

    The advertisement is new, can we apply for that?
    Can people send in costumes that they want to be featured?

    I would like to apply for either the Costume or Advertisement.
    After my questions are answered I will apply, but I got to go now. πŸ˜‰

    • I wanted my questions to be answered first, but here is my first application. πŸ˜‰

      I love making costumes, but I can’t think up a new one every week. Thus my question in my comment above. I especially like trying to make costumes based on different people/things. Like a person/thing from a T.V. show. I have also won the PHB Halloween Costume Contest before. To see some of my costumes so far you can go here and here. 😎 Most of my costumes are even featured on the PHB.

      • My second application. πŸ˜‰

        I personally like writing news articles in general. I even had to make a newspaper for a school project and I got a really good grade. I especially enjoy telling people how good things are, thus advertising. I’m not sure what else to say though. :mrgreen:

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