So Long Poptropolis Games…

Well, Poptropolis Games is going to sink  and I haven’t  even completed Poptropolis Games! There isn’t much time left, but I think Poptropolis Games will rise again in 100 years. Maybe to celebrate the 100th island?

…Or maybe not, but it’s sad to see this brilliant island go down to the botttom of the sea. I guess it had to go down sometime. 😦



14 thoughts on “So Long Poptropolis Games…

  1. I didn’t even get a chance to play it maybe we could ask Jeff K if it could rise again in 2 years or something that way more people could play it if they’ve joined too late! What do you guys think?

    • Hmmm yes maybe but jeff Kinney only created poptropica he doesn’t make islands or that but yeah it’s a good idea id like to see them making it rise again every while or so good idea 😉

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