I’m Flamepaper, Or Red Flame

I’m a new author on this blog. I am a big fan of this blog AND Poptropica.

This is currently my avatar on poptropica.

—-> poptropicame

Well anyway, I hope that I can post for the blog soon! Happy New Year and merry Christmas! 😀



About andrematthewlna

I like to play club penguin lego universe and lots of other MMOGs and MOGS (meaning of MMOG: Massive Multiplayer Online Games) (meaning of MOG:Multiplayer Online Game)

3 thoughts on “I’m Flamepaper, Or Red Flame

  1. No one ever told me there was a new author! Hi! Well, it’s kind of obvious because it’s written right up there, but I’m Perfect Dolphin. I need a new author on my blog, so you’re welcome to join my blog, perfectdolphinsawesomeblog.wordpress.com, as long as you comment on the “Become an Author” page.

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