Ghost Story Island Turns 1!

Hello folks, guess what? On this day last year Ghost Story Island was released!

Happy birthday Ghost story! I’m sure that we were all moved by the tragic story of Valiant and Fiona, the mysterious, intriguing, and heart-wrenching island has, without a doubt, won it’s place as one of my favourite Poptropica Islands. I hope they release a novel about it like they did with Astro Knights and Skullduggery, don’t you agree?

Oh so sad. 😦 I’m going to cry!! Big Snowball, pull yourself together, you need to finish the tribute!!!  Ah… among the highlights of Ghost Story was playing the Violin outside Fiona’s Window, that Beautiful song! Wah! Also, finding this letter was devastating!


Rest in Peace, Valiant and Fiona! This island had its funny bits. Athough, I got really scared wandering the desolate, abandoned Prison! Maybe the funniest was the locals! With all the ways to prevent ghosts and that mayor,  I didn’t like him for killing Valiant and trying to steal Fiona, was funny as well!


Ah… well I suppose the Mayor mourned for years, poor old guy. 😦  R.I.P you three, and I mean the prisoner as well who forged the letter! I wonder if Hemlock Harbour will ever cheer up?

Here’s one more picture…. of the cold, harsh, and beautiful harbour that has taken many a life. Including that of poor young Valiant, Hemlock Harbour.Image

Ah… and that old prison in which poor warden, Jefferies, haunts! What a powerful story! Really, I think that this is my favourite island after all, I lOVE YOU GHOST STORY ISlAND! Ah… well I cross my fingers for a Ghost Story Island novel, how about you?

Happy Birthday Ghost Story!

Over and Out: Big Snowball


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I love poptropica, books, lego, comics, tv, star wars, my piano, and i love voldermort!!

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