About Me (Big Snowball)

Hello, I’m very pleased to meet ye all, (ok I’ll stop the old pirate talk.)

Well my name is Big snowball, ive been playing Poptropica since 2009, wow that long??

Anyway, so hello, I like a lot of things. Here they are:

movies (who doesn’t?)

books, I read HEAPS OF THEM!!!

Star Wars is AWESOME (just my opinion.)

manga & anime are absolutely brilliant! and of course POPTROPICA!

I am 14 years old and I’m from down under, yep AUSTRALIA.

Above all, I promise you guys I won’t let you down!!!!

Over and out: Big Snowball


About Bigsnowball

I love poptropica, books, lego, comics, tv, star wars, my piano, and i love voldermort!!

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